Stealing & Starvation

“For so long I held myself in abeyance, barely daring even to glance at her. I was still in the habit of stealing sips of her face. That is what starvation will do, make you a thief even when you possess a table of your own.”

– The Bandit King (Romances of Arquitaine) by Lilith Saintcrow



“My dear young maiden clingeth
Unbending, fast and firm
To all the long-held teaching
Of a mother ever true;
As in vampires unmortal
Folk on the Theyse’s portal
Heyduck-like do believe.
But my Christine thou dost dally,
And wilt my loving parry
Till I myself avenging
To a vampire’s health a-drinking
Him toast in pale tockay.

And as softly thou art sleeping
To thee shall I come creeping
And thy life’s blood drain away.
And so shalt thou be trembling
For thus shall I be kissing
And death’s threshold thou’ it be crossing
With fear, in my cold arms.
And last shall I thee question
Compared to such instruction
What are a mother’s charms?”

– Der Vampir (1748) by Heinrich August Ossenfelder

Unravel Me

“Poor little thing,” says a woman in a hushed voice. “It would be best if she forgets what happened.”

And so I did. As I sank into the sightless, soundless, motionless void of a drug-induced coma, I tugged away that memory as if I were tugging at a loose thread, little knowing that I was unraveling the entirety of my brief existence. Because who are we without our memories?”

– Dark Companions by Marta Acosta

When Facing Death

“On the day that I die, a storm rages, and the thin glass of the cheap windows shudders as if beaten by fists, and the wind howls as if someone calling come away come away. I wrench open the back door and run outside.

The darkness is unfathomable and the rain pounds down and I small and terrified.”

– Dark Companion by Marta Acosta

Lord Death and I

“Lord Death came close to me. I could feel no heat from him, hear no breath in his lungs. He was utterly still beside me, but there was a strange comfort in that stillness. It was as if he had eternity to stand beside me, and forever to listen. There was no time or motion to disturb us.”

– Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt


Innocent Love and Dark Coffins


(he sings)

  Come on, let me die now
   And put my body in a dark coffin.
   I feel my breath leaving me.
   I’ve been killed by a beautiful girl.
   Prepare my shroud of white,
   Adorned with sprigs of yew-tree.
   I’m the most faithful person
   Who ever lived or died.
   Don’t scatter sweet flowers
   On my black coffin.
   Don’t let my friends
   See my poor corpse.
   I don’t want to hear sad sighs,
   So bury me where no sad lovers
   can find my grave to weep over it!”
– Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare